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Achieving improved marketing ROI is critical to helping a company's meet its strategic and financial objectives. This book helps senior managers look at Marketing in a whole new light, one comprised of delivering superior metrics, accountability and ROI.

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Section 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1 What is ROMI?
Marketing Expenditures Are Investments To Drive Future Revenue
The Elements Of ROMI
Chapter 2 Who should read this book?
Chapter 3 What’s in it for me?
Chapter 4 Why should I change what I'm doing?
ROMI And The Sales Team
ROMI And Sales Support Activities
ROMI And Brand Awareness

Section 2 - Marketing as an Investment
Chapter 5 How do you determine the proper level of investment in marketing?
Marketing Programs And Risk
Using ROMI To Compare Marketing Programs
ROMI And Program Risk/Uncertainty
Calculating ROMI With Fixed And Variable Costs
Chapter 6 What is accountability in marketing?
ROMI For Complex Marketing Programs
Chapter 7 How do you measure the return on less certain, higher risk programs?
Non-Revenue Value Of Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness And The Value Of A Touch
PR, Advertising and ROMI
Negative Aspects Of PR And Advertising
Brand Awareness Accuracy
Contributors to Brand Awareness
Measuring ROMI for Brand Awareness Campaigns
Chapter 8 How do you determine the ROMI hurdle rate for different kinds of marketing programs?
Calculating The ROMI Hurdle Rate
Planning For Potential Miscues In Marketing
Fixed Costs In Marketing
Revenue Based ROMI vs. Margin Based ROMI
Chapter 9 How does ROMI affect competitiveness?
ROMI and ‘Sunk Costs’
Competing With Different ROMI Hurdle Rates
Chapter 10 How do marketing funds need to be split between different types of marketing programs?
Crossover In Marketing Programs
Blocking The Competition
Trial Marketing Programs

Section 3 – Accountability & Measurement
Chapter 11 What tools are required to provide real accountability?
Assigning Costs To The Proper Cost Centers
Using Accrual Based Accounting For Marketing Expenses
Tracking Revenue By Marketing Program
ROMI And Tracking Costs
ROMI Over Time For New Products
ROMI and Budgeting
A Tiered Approach To Incentives
Chapter 12 How does marketing get feedback from sales, when it is seen as a waste of time?
Chapter 13 What does it take to reach marketing Nirvana?
Chapter 14 How does ROMI apply to the marketing team?
Implications For Mid-Level Marketing Professionals
ROMI And The Interview Process

Section 4 – Conclusion
Chapter 15 Putting it all together
Low Risk Programs
Moderate Risk Programs
High Risk Programs
Appendix Sample ROMI Hurdle Rate Calculation Worksheet
Sample ROMI Calculation Worksheet – Direct Mail

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